Joseph Lunger USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Joseph Lunger’s entry for the USD X I Roll NY contest competing for the large package. Filmed and edited by Jack Haggerty.


44 Responses to “Joseph Lunger USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. the big dingaling Says:

    i think we have a winner

  2. bobbyreichel Says:

    best edit so far creative spots and style

  3. Alex Says:

    Shorts in this weather , he got my vote lols!

  4. trevor johanathin Says:

    really good edit longisland steeze

  5. I GOT A BIG YANG Says:

    dont get me wrong nice edit , but i dont see how he is respresenting irollny but yea nice

  6. davengo Says:

    Yeah weird, he didn’t put irollny anywhere in the edit and that was pretty much the only qualification.

    Good skating though.

  7. you know who it is Says:

    Listen that kid reps irollny everywhere he goes, hes always shoutin out and posting links, trust me the kid deserves all the cred he can get

  8. jordan dale Says:

    definitely not a winner
    ive heard him say fuck new york once. no lie

  9. Mike Jones Says:

    dis is ma shit, deff a winner.

  10. Tommy Ras Says:

    Joey Lunger is the kid that got me into blading and taught me everything I know. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more style and swag out of one kid before. Keep it up Joe.

  11. shea Says:

    last trick was sick! best edit ive seen so far hands down

  12. Jack haggerty Says:

    I will guarantee that kid has never said fuck new York he loves long island and everything ny has to offer.. He’s a great asset to the sport .. Look out for more coming from the kid

  13. DapsandPounds Says:

    Best edit I’ve seen hands down. This kid deserves the win.

  14. TheJudge Says:

    Wow, great video man keep doing what you do

  15. FarFromSliq Says:

    Awesome edit, the kid has such talent and style. He works hard at what he does, and it shows in this edit. Excellent clip.

  16. Sunshine Says:

    you’re amazing and you better win.

  17. Anthony Says:

    YOOO you nasty kidd!

  18. Darrin Says:

    great edit!!!

  19. Dan Barletta Says:

    joey kills shit everywhere he goes and pushes himself beyond his limits everytime he goes out and skates, this edit shows it deff a winner

  20. Jamesm Says:

    that was a hot edit Joe

  21. tomanc Says:

    Joey kills it everywhere he goes, everytime he does a trick he tries to improve and push himself until he’s done it the best way he can. That’s a winner right there.

  22. james kobryn Says:

    you fuckin rock kid

  23. mike riley Says:

    so sick joey i think u got it in the bag! keep em commin. i skateboard and i still think this is soooo sick best ive seen

  24. Kyle the prince Johnson Says:

    kids hits the great hollow rail, WOW that shit is OD, kids switch is also ahead of the game, i vote LIs Joey Lunger

  25. Zeke Kubinski Says:

    This kid should deffinately win. He deserves it.

    BTW, the front sav and 360 of the ledge were switch….just sayin’.

  26. matt vaupel Says:

    he should win fer sure so much style and steez in such a short banger edit

  27. eric martin Says:

    joey this is a sick video . keep the videos coming


    Joeyy youreeeee sickkk, def a winner <33333333

  29. abcdefghhh Says:

    sick video joeyyy! you’re awesomeee :]

  30. Shawn Gradilone Says:

    I skate with this kid all the time, he’s the one that always stuck out and always would surprise people with random insane tricks with flawless style. He stays repping NY and LI everywhere he goes and has more than enough love for it. I honestly feel like this edit doesn’t even show you a glimpse on how good this kid actually really is. lol bet everything was first try haha

  31. joey Says:

    Thanks so much for the love everyone.

  32. caroline bruckner Says:

    awesome skating joe, and the editing is sick! good job (:

  33. Jackie Chan Says:

    this is fucking dope dude… never seen someone rock the jorts like that
    This is the clear winner right here

  34. coolguy Says:

    all these comments are by the same person or friends that were asked to comment. lolol

  35. Peeps Says:

    Sick skating Joe. You rock and you totally deserve to win this.

  36. dreamgurlllllllll Says:

    joeys sexyyy as hellllllll

  37. janette Says:

    joey this came outt so amazing! it should realllly win, no doubbttt!

  38. Long Island Rolling Says:

    The reason for the comments is for people to show their appreciation for the edit. Who cares if some friends hop on the website and check it out, all that means is exposure for the sport which is just what rollerblading needs more than ever. Also, a good majority of the comments are from fellow Long Island Rolling bladers and there’s a few who I know to be leaders in the area in other sports who are showing some respect for the sport, so personally I don’t see a problem with them joining in on the conversation.

  39. coolguy Says:

    i didn’t say theirs a problem.
    i just find it funny.

  40. joe rubenstein Says:

    joey deserves all the credit he can get, the kid skates all the time and is persistent with what he does, his style is creative as hell, and even though irollny wasnt exactly represented in the video, not alot of people rollerblade anymore out here on long island but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves, hes got my vote..

  41. joe rubenstein Says:

    oh and also this edit doesnt even begin to show you how good he actually is, its just like a preview haha

  42. BRAIN ARAGON Says:


  43. mike brunoforte Says:

    i love this kid

  44. davengo Says:

    Well it’s pretty cool his boys support him. If all these dudes have nothing but good to say to him then that means he must be a great influence to his peers. Thats awesome.

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