Connor Kenrick USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Connor Kenrick’s entry for the USD X I Roll NY contest competing for the medium package. Filmed by Stefan Brandow. Edited by Allen Thorogood.


20 Responses to “Connor Kenrick USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Phil Latio Says:

    this kid is skating in the snow while its snowing and even put salt on a spot…winner!

  2. David Toro Says:

    Dope piece fellas. +20 votes from me.

  3. davengo Says:

    this was fucking incredible.

  4. AJ Pow Says:

    Rochester winters are no joke, and Connor still skates better in the snow than most kids his age do in perfect weather.

  5. jesus medina Says:

    At the moment this guy has my vote

  6. richie velasquez Says:

    he’s wearing a helmet. and thats cool!

    great edit!

  7. ronnie s. Says:

    I like this vid the best cause it has precise editing along with the amazing skating. I also like to add that this entry was a minute long, as it said to be in the rules. other edits went over that mark . very nice connor keep it up

  8. Ryan Egeling Says:

    this edits fucking rediculous

  9. Eric Kearney Says:

    Connor K is the man and the winter doesn’t stop him from throwing down, winning material right here

  10. Kyle Miner Says:

    That was a sick edit. Connor better win. Shits tough in winter and he can throw down that stuff, that kids got amazing talent.

  11. Jakeski Says:


  12. Stefan B Says:

    I may be biased because I filmed some of the clips, but standing in 2 feet of snow in 10 degree weather watching Connor kill shit and have a blast doing so was incredible. He’s definitely the future of Rochester blading.

  13. Lennon Nigga! Says:

    Yooo! Good work to all of you. First off Congrats to Conner for straight up murdering the competition. Tech, Steeze, Quality. Hands down the Best entry I’ve seen. Stefan good filming as always my friend. Allen, Murdering the editing machine. Slow down so I can keep up with all of you!!!!!

  14. evan g Says:

    dope!this must really love skating to be skating in the snow like that!

  15. pimp daddy cane Says:

    Jdfkheudhced so dope man kills all the other edits and I would hook up with you;)

  16. Brooke MacIntyre Says:

    Connor owned. This boy skates in every kind of weather and nothing ever stops him he has so much talent. winnner.

  17. Me Says:

    The Most Dedicated Skater I’ve ever seen. Hands down the illest entry

  18. Vinnie Chase Says:

    ck. You are God. I want you in my Entourage

  19. Nate Hall Says:

    Kid is the future of the ROC; no doubt he gets my vote. Plus he straps up in the snow more than I do in the Spring.

  20. andyp Says:

    connor fucking murdering shitt

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