Mikey Roman USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Mikey Roman’s entry for the USD X I Roll NY contest competing for the medium package. Filmed by Ryan Many, Htat Htut, Osbel Valez, Tim Franken and Sam DeAngelis. Edited by Sam DeAngelis. More entries coming up!



22 Responses to “Mikey Roman USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Jeffrey Mateo Says:

    too fresh

  2. Tri-State Skate Says:

    winner. contest over!

  3. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    Fire… but I already knew that!

  4. wowzers Says:

    tri state sucks dick!

  5. los Says:

    swag at boiling point!


    contest has been k.o by this dude , well at this point

  7. joey rojas Says:

    sick edit,
    but i wouldn’t call this contest over.
    5 more edits on the way kids

  8. davengo Says:

    once i saw the fireplace it was already over.

    mikey roman for the champion.

  9. evan g Says:

    JETS NIGGA!#swag

  10. bigdaddyjohnestrella Says:

    ayeeee shyt wass dope… wats da song?

  11. bigdaddyjohnestrella Says:

    nvm i got da song

  12. Navin Says:

    Ahh yes. Roman killin it.

  13. bigfootkoolj Says:

    Dope edit mikey!
    This ain’t tristate.
    wowzer’s a fag

  14. Anon Says:

    Great skating but he skates to the spots to slow! speed up the tricks, they will look better!

  15. mr2turb Says:

    sick vid doood..that 720 was wild

  16. DJ Miller Says:

    my manss a str8 BEASTT!!

  17. mal ashby Says:

    mint soul gang in this bitch double dragon swag

  18. blazzinnn Says:

    lmaoo he skates to slow to his trick!wtf?smh who notices shit like that?he does it how he does it hate it or love it

  19. Franco Commayo Says:


  20. joaquin Says:

    enjoyed watching this mos def swaggy

  21. please stop Says:

    1.15 was the best trick ever this man get my nigga need to stop doing that trick or start focusing more on it vote.lol

  22. tim_franken Says:


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