EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 2

Trevor Johnson – Topacid. This photo was taken at the Why So Serious comp back in September 2008 during warm ups.

Second installment of the photo series from Christen Cofer. You can see the first set previously posted here. Check out all the photos below. Words and pics by Christen Cofer.

Rollerdam in NYC. During the NYC filming of Rollerdam vol 2 Max van Hooren, Martin van Drunen, and Giorgio Oehlers met up with myself and Ado and a few other NYC locals to hit up some NYC spots. This was in Harlem at the cathedral kink rail during some down time. You can see footage from this very session in both the Rollerdamn vol 2 DVD and in the LMS 2009 DVD.

Haven Arts Box Jam. Some of NY’s finest skaters waiting to hit the box at the skeptic media box session/comp in 2009.

Dave Ngo breaking and entering. This photo was taken last summer during the Lets Roll NY queens session. I got some pics of Dave Ngo and James Perez skating the school yard here. Also Dave squeezing through the gate that i knew immediately I wasn’t going to be able to fit through. Needless to say I took the rest of the photos of this pre LRNY session on the other side of that gate.

Danny Figgz – BS savannah at the Banks. Sometime in 2007 back when Mr Figgz was always on blades he hit me up to take some photos of him at the Brooklyn Banks.

Montre and K Dirty in NYC. I took this photo while Montre and Kevin were in NYC shooting the Olympus pen project. I shot some digital stills that were on I Roll NY for the official entry but this photo happens to be 35mm film since i always carry both with me.

Navin Hardyal (Skeptic Media). Navin wearing the throwback Skeptic Media tee during the Box Jam in ’09.

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2 Responses to “EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 2”

  1. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    omg dave has so much style when he breaks into places its ridiculous.

  2. davengo Says:

    said youuuuuuu

    you got what i neeeeed

    but you say he’s just a friend.

    but you say he’s just a friend.

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