Sneak Peak of the AOR 3D Issue

Check out the sneak peak of Art of Rolling’s volume 2 issue 2 cover. Cover art by Frank D Angelo. Cover layout Gabriel Gonzalez. This issue will contain a set of 3D photos/interviews along with an I Roll NY ad in 3D!

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19 Responses to “Sneak Peak of the AOR 3D Issue”

  1. wowzers Says:

    i hope he is not serious drawings by a two year old? really this is why nobody like angelo to begin with he should just stick to smoking weed honestly

  2. The Industry Standard Says:

    Seriously??? A drawing???

  3. hells yea Says:

    Hate it now but I can tell this will be a classic like nickle and dimes.

  4. yourmom Says:

    This looks awesome!!!! Skater art is always encouraged by the skater community. wowzers if probably a poser anyway because any real skater would love this cover! Sure to be a classic!

  5. aor????? Says:

    this cover is really bad.
    -black chick with exaggerated curves holding hands with a white guy with space goggles on. wtf is going on?
    -is the white guy is holding a raygun?
    -someone’s doing a fish brain on a moving bus, and he is going to land right into the police car
    -is that a cover layout? black boarder and a stupid font.
    this is a joke

  6. big hairy sack Says:

    encourage artwork? only if there’s an artist behind the artwork… clearly this is joke. i wouldn’t buy anything that looked that bad.

  7. davengo Says:

    i hear your actual 3d shit is gonna be sick angelo! looking forward to it.

  8. angelo Says:

    100$ to the person whom tells me all this to my face! You cowards!

  9. wowzers Says:

    make it 200 and ill bring my homie from imyta to fuck you up again

  10. c2g Says:

    keep doing ur thing i c progress throughout all ur stuff

  11. angelo Says:

    Hahaa your homie the big 6ft monster who I snuffed cuz he try to get hype in our city go ahead I don’t got a cast this time. or how bout 300$ and u do it yourself! Hate snooping to you haters level. I love this city an the skaters in it I’ll do anything for em you on the other hand contribute nothing.. Worse part is u probaly say what’s up to me in the streets smh

  12. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    I’m a bit dissapointed in the cover… its all good though. Im looking forward to seeing the actual 3d work.

  13. rollerblading gods Says:

    Victor Vizcaino disapproves!?!

    aor stop while you still can!

  14. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    ^ lol.

  15. Gabriel Says:

    I love how people JUDGE a book by its cover. @AOR????? I see ur a racist, and go back to school and learn wat a layout is.. and usually simple stuff on the cover means its gonna be beast inside. Also i know ur one of thoses kids who prob hates angelo anyways so u gonna hate anyway u look at it. I dont see any1 else in nyc trying to do wat angelo does with this magazine, he also asks people to help him out with his magazine so i dont wanna hear it. You must be some1 who prob hated nikel and dimes as well. AND FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE HATING KEEP HATING TELL EVRYONE WHAT U THINK U STILL SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE MAGAZINE AND LEARN TO LOOK PAST A COVER. AND FRANK GOOD JOB ON THE DRAWING….

  16. loso Says:

    I have no doubt this is going to be good cant wait to see it!…..if u tell me the cover got everyone talkin im pretty sure the inside will have ppl talkin even more!

  17. David Toro Says:

    The progress from his first issue is undeniable. Although I don’t know if this is the best solution for a cover, it’s definitely a different approach than anything else I’ve seen circulating around from any other print or online mag. To many people keep wanting to be designer extraordinaire and can’t even manage to be decent at it. Regardless if Angelo hasn’t gone to school for design, this sort of hard work coming from a person that has no bg in design is pretty amazing. On top of that, I’ve also heard really great things about the contents of this issue. Looking forward. Don’t wanna say it but… haters gonna hate. Just like eating shit skating.. comes with the territory slice!

  18. Shadrack Says:

    Ay fam
    dis cover needs mo guns n pork

  19. JAYBEE Says:

    yo i like this shyt i think the idea is sick cant wait for the shyt to drop

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