Dan Bradham Snow Clips

“Dan Bradham aka Chocolate Milk Dan aka Danger Milk and myself went skating during the aftermath of the great blizzard of ’11. Most spots were too covered to skate but others were uniquely charmed with the addition of the snow. The soft powdery stuff added a new level of fun to bland old spots. Unfortunately I only had my cellphone and decided to film only monkey ledges. All the snow piled on the floor made the actual leap to the ledge quite a feat to conquer, a rather large disaster to ledge. Dan managed to royale the ice covered edge beautifully” – Dave Ngo.


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8 Responses to “Dan Bradham Snow Clips”

  1. travis johanathin Says:

    dans the best who ever lived

  2. victor arias Says:

    like ah boss !!

  3. julian bah Says:

    dan is out hereee

  4. thetruth Says:

    just owned all the fags complanin bout the snow

  5. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    agreed ^^

  6. David Toro Says:

    Dan is out here!

  7. davengo Says:

    Dan is such a pleasure to skate with.

  8. gayguy Says:

    great skating and editing, i wish i could say the same for brandon pagan

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