New Casualty Online Store

Click to view the store.

Check out Casualty’s new online store featuring Billy O’Neill showing off all the new tees. See the online store here.

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4 Responses to “New Casualty Online Store”

  1. thetruth Says:

    nice clothes…but what does casualty do for the ny skate scene?

  2. Dan Says:

    They aren’t obligated to do anything for any scene. I don’t know what you expect a company that makes some shirts and a few other small items to give back. It’s not exactly big business.

    thetruth is, you’re an idiot.

    Cool shirts.

  3. thetruth Says:

    So I guess it’s too much for a blading company to actually sponsor kids from the actual place their estblished in? or hold an contests for NY bladers so that they can win shit from them?

    …isn’t iroll doing a contest where their giving away free shit? doesnt victor calender do sessions every summer and a big contest all on his own?

    all im sayin is that casualty has been here for a while and doesnt really rep blading, especially in new york. no edits of ny, no contests/prizes…nothing.

  4. Joey G. Says:

    RE: Thetruth

    I’ve asked Victor on numerous occasions to contact me about sponsorship of last man standing comps. To this day I have still never received any request to sponsor one of his events. Yet, every single nyc comp I attend, my business partner and I bring Casualty gear to throw into the crowd or give away to kids.

    I sponsor 3 riders from New York; Billy O’Neill, Bobby Reichel & Justin Brasco. I also ran an ad on the back cover of the first print issue of Art Of Rolling magazine to support our scene and help that magazine grow. I would LOVE to partake in more blading events in New York, like the lets roll NY sessions. However, with my 40+ hour a week fulltime job at Cablevision, freelancing as a camera operator / editor / motion graphics artist for companies such as The Wendy Williams Show, The Brooklyn Circus & a real estate media production company based out in the Hamptons, Its difficult to make the hour and a half trip from my house to the city at 3pm ion a week day to make it to those sessions. (or whenever they are)

    All of that, combined with designing, individually hand printing every piece, packaging, shipping out orders, building/maintaining a website, managing a team, dealing with shops & buyers, and basically every other aspect of Casualty, with help from my partner, there is only so much we can do. Only so many hours in a day, my friend.

    Casualty has been around since 2004. We have given away our fair share of product. If there is still time I will gladly partake in the irollny online giveaway contest. Craig emailed me about it and I’m sure I planned on getting involved in it, but when you have as many bosses as I do, things often get put on the back burner.

    Furthermore, have a look at our Vimeo page. Every single blading edit up there is from NY.

    Just sayin.

    -Joey Graziano
    Casualty Clothing Co.

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