Frosty P Rail Edit

Featuring Bruno Delrio skating in the snow in the Bronx, NY. Filmed and edited by Brandon Pagan.


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48 Responses to “Frosty P Rail Edit”

  1. Truth Says:

    Oh look it’s the guy who stole kungas sole plates

  2. Bruno Delrio Says:

    lmao not again man come on!

  3. Bruno Delrio Says:

    Btw the last trick i did was switch rough topsoul…its hard to see lol

  4. v. Says:

    wow you guys are soo good its not even funny. you skate so much like alex broskow. have you guys seen valo4life ? WOW ROUGH TOP SOUL that like the hardest trick out there. dam you guys need to be sponsored.

  5. rollrblade A Says:

    Where’d u find that playskool shovel? it looks like it came part of the Little Excavator set, haha.

  6. davengo Says:

    i waited so long for this edit.

  7. davengo Says:

    damn fullcab alley oop fish and full cab alley oop topsoul were laced.

  8. Pat Says:

    Wow you killed that 5 inch high rail. So GNAR!

  9. davengo Says:

    i just finished. my favorite part was when you landed and just threw your hands in the air signifying the switch.

  10. Pat Says:

    im pretty sure your the last trik you did was switch rough didnt do it on purpose.

  11. v. Says:

    i love that you pause and re energize your ability to calm down and stay confuse to lace a trick. but still you fail , but thats okay because you know what …WE OUT HERE!!!

  12. Bruno Delrio Says:

    lol thanks everyone, and pat it was purposely or else i wouldnt have specified or even placed a fake clip in the edit… But thanks for the support haha i probably would have thought the same

  13. v. Says:

    Bruno for PRO.!!! come on people this kid deserves it.

  14. Jon Julio Says:

    i really need you on my team, please email me

    i have a new set of valo lights with your name on them.
    you can replace alex broskow

  15. gayguy Says:

    i know who v is

  16. alex broskow Says:

    yo this kid got swag . throw them switch fingers up.

  17. Soichiro Kanashima Says:

    plaz julo gav dis gay mi sput an za taem. sleaze isa waee battar den maine.

  18. Soichiro Kanashima Says:

    Sarry, I don no haw tu spek to rite anglish butt yu gud kid, BD fuh pro!

  19. davengo Says:


    the whole team is dropping! first nimh now valos!

  20. victor arias Says:

    im giving a free pair of valo lights . your the up-coming skater ive since from nyc oakland city you heardddddd

  21. brandon smith Says:

    listen mr. bruno…

    i just got off the phone with julio and he says there isn’t enough room on the team for two “B” skaters so i guess im gonna quit the team also.

    you will replace me as Bruno Smith. you are getting 2 1/2 proskates.
    5 sections and 3 montages on valo4ever and the bonus section.

    Soichiro you need to go back to Japan, Julio got bruno now.

  22. Brian Aragon Says:

    ayoo it’s your boy B. ERAGON aka ARAGORE aka B.ARAGON aka you-wanna-b-me-aragon aka BEARAGON. we out here in the razors house chillin and shit. you must of heard that dom lamebrick got kicked off cause he wasnt out there.

    fuck julio we want to give you your own house and skate only razors.
    please respond if you feel you are out here.

  23. Julian bah Says:

    you know we out here in the razors house,
    i got a spot saved for you here, so come out here
    so we can all be out here


  24. Brian Aragon Says:

    yo fuck it we’re gonna give you your own house.

    fuck valo4life razors4ever.

  25. erik bailey Says:

    nice, sz 19 skates… sick

  26. dustin latimer Says:

    dam this kid made me want to come out and skate again, sick vid bro. but yo……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..YOU SUCKK!!!

  27. Bruno Delrio Says:

    omg! Broskow thanks for replying to my video. As you can see I obviously want to be just like you.

  28. Brazillionaire Says:

    Wow kid it’s your boy brazillionaire, as you know I live in NYC. Can we start filming for your razors section? There’s a practice rail at my crib we could get a few hammers there.

    When are you available?

  29. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    -___- …. nyc can never have a real website to itself

  30. Bruno Delrio Says:

    Though you guys are my friends and impersonate pro’s lmao i still love you newyork and since this was a mess around edit from boredom i promise my next few edits will have bigger obstacles. lmao you guys need to grow up, but you are truly hilarious! thanks for the support… And hopefully you haters will make an edit together sometime in life, and when you do hmu and ill check it out!

  31. maximosis Says:

    Great Edit Great RollerBooting Great Guy.

  32. Frosty Practice Rail Edit | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] As seen on IRollNY […]

  33. Brazillionaire Says:

    Word the next edit will be fire. It’s gonna have a yellow filter on all the clips and more slow motion then ever.

    I got you kid.

  34. davengo Says:

    whoa wtf this shit exploded hahahaha. jesus.

  35. Istealyoursoles Says:

    Roscoe stole kungas soles!

  36. Chris edwards Says:

    Dude you have the title you’ve created rollerblading I quit!

  37. TNA wrestling Says:

    Listen brother rollingblading I’d for fag boys u need to get yourself in the squared circle and wrestle with the pros. You already a fruitbooter why not cum get it in with a bunch of hot sweaty men and when actual money and when a title belt.. I hooked u up a match with sting already give me a call at (646)377-4263 I’m in the office as we speak

  38. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    lol wrestling is a bunch of dumb muscle heads following a script… corny entertainment. I rather risk my life and have fun and make little money to none… btw I smell another 40 something comments

  39. Gayguy Says:

    take note that the comments aren’t for you, we are making fun of you cause your a joke. Haha

  40. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    take note that none of these comments mean anything especially because they are jokes written by jokes, hence the use of aliases my fellow… would you like some tea my good sir?

  41. mikejohnson Says:

    damn lil nigga you holding back everything I did in NYC. shit this is why I bounced out to cali at least these west coast niggas can take some criticism. niggas yous a joke, thats why these cats are shittin on you.

    stop trying to play it off man switch your shit up and make yourself cool. give them a reason to hate. as a matter of fact, i have never seen hate on IROLLNY before until you guys started postin.

    what does that show you?

  42. Brian Aragon Says:

    chill my dude, it’s ya boy.

    Mike Johnson you are officially off razors. Rosko Jenkins is here.

    He’s out here. We out here. Mike Johnson is out of here.

  43. brandon pagan Says:

    yo, seriously im enraged!
    this rosko guy is trying to pass off as me. the real brandon pagan.

    im going to email you right away jon julio. and i am gay

  44. Josko Renkins Says:

    yo get the fuck out of here i am the real brandon pagan. i know you guys is fake but taking it to my sexuality is going too far. how did you guys know im gay anyway? can you guys please stop making fun of me and my boyfriend Bruno?

    you guys are all haters. suck my balls. really, please.. it’ll feel really good.

  45. Bruno Delrio Says:

    Yo mike johnson if that is you then, Congrats on leaving NY! the capital of haters haha keep the business up man!

  46. mikejohnson Says:

    fuck you man i just got kicked off razors.

    no good ass kids. im coming home to skate your p rail.

  47. Bruno Delrio Says:

    wow lol def. not you… no life!

  48. Bruno Delrio Says:

    I just got put on razors,
    We out here! And I’m gay

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