Chris Edwards 2010 Edit

“If you own a pair of rollerblades, you should know who Chris Edwards is. If you don’t know about the Airman, you need to. Chris invented a lot of the first tricks in our sport, was the first person to ever grind a rail on rollerblades, had the first ever pro model skate from a rollerblading company, and was a stuntman in the movies Airborne, Batman & Robin, The Mighty Ducks, and Prayer of the Rollerboys. He also helped create the first rollerblading video game, Aggressive Inline’ – Stefan Brandow.



7 Responses to “Chris Edwards 2010 Edit”

  1. jeff Says:

    the toe pick transfer @ 3:22 was so rad

  2. mike horbatiuk Says:

    this edit made my day..last trick totally didnt expect

  3. Ray Mendez Says:

    This is great to see..! Thanks for making this & thanks for posting it.

    Edwards has been an inspiration, a leader & a Brother to me & many of
    us for many years… He is the reason why we all are involved in this sport & culture called Rollerblading… Period.

    I can’t say enough about him… But I’ll say this…

    I love this guys & he is Family..!

    Thank you Chris for all your dedication & sacrifice…

    We wouldn’t be here without you.

    Chris Edwards – The G.O.D…

  4. $uki Says:


  5. v. Says:

    hes out hereee

  6. Vic Says:

    Chris “Mutha Fuckin” Edwards…….. I said God Dam… Good to see ya!!!!

    If it were not for CE , well lets just say there would be nothing to write here…cuz there would be no here.

  7. Jakie Says:

    ..he got the os3 and didnt even do a legit grind…wassup wit that lolz

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