Shields Winter Edit

Featuring Ryan Many, Malik Ashby, Kevin Lebron, Val Vera, Wake Schepman, James Szkola, Franco Cammayo, James Macay, John Stephens, Jose Henriquez, Mikey Roman, and Ramelle Knight. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay.

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4 Responses to “Shields Winter Edit”

  1. John Tkaczuk Says:

    Love the vibe of this edit…Great job Cesar.

  2. Ray Mendez Says:

    Damn CEEEsar…

    Getting nice with the editando kid…
    Sorry u missed Sat. Hope James is well.

    Franco’s whatchamacalit spin was ill & imma battle Mel & Stephens in 720’s
    on that box… lol…!


  3. Truth Says:

    way to copy off od

  4. bigfootkoolj Says:

    Ryan stole my trick…

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