Alexander Macias Edit

Featuring Alexander Macias.



7 Responses to “Alexander Macias Edit”

  1. davengo Says:

    I really liked the picture collage. It gave me a sense of family and conveyed importance! Bravo!

  2. mgmt on crack Says:

    dave! you funny
    here is what dave meant.
    was it really necessary to have all those photos for some shitty as bladin fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Blading was surprisingly decent, so keep up the good work there…..but really what we need is more pics of you posing with birds.

  4. los Says:

    was that toothless i seen in the picture montage watever happen to my dude???? he was a beast……and cool video brah

  5. Truth Says:

    you guys are faggots

  6. Will J Says:

    Last trick was beast! Great job man!

  7. alexander macias Says:

    thanks my g, i call it “double makio shon” and yeah LOS that was my nigga toothless. he doing a bid but he be home soon, i got his skates waiting for him already. bx you already know

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