Adonis Taylor VS. The Security

This is a short edit from August 2010 featuring Adonis Taylor. The day was going well and in our travels we rediscovered this midtown rail that’s usually an instant kick out spot. Ado was able to get one try in before the security guard came out…you can see the results from that point on. “There was that one point where I fell and I almost wrecked the shit out of my ankle but I managed to roll out of it a bit…The pain and agony of defeat and mockery from the guard motivated me and helped me to focus and lace next try. Lesson here don’t be a bitch or you’ll get hurt” – Adonis Taylor.


19 Responses to “Adonis Taylor VS. The Security”

  1. loso Says:

    top flight security!! lmaoooo….good ish! Ado

  2. Mal ashby Says:

    Did I film this? Lol

  3. irollny Says:

    Nah you had the second angle on Ado’s camera haha.

  4. Dann Jose C Says:

    lol the song ahahah fuck the security

  5. rollrblade A Says:

    Mal you had a great angle, good job on the filming too. Forgot to mention that.

  6. $uki Says:

    Thats how the fuck you do it!!! good shit!!!

  7. htat htut Says:

    this is fucking awesome!

  8. Adam from Cuse Says:

    That was fucking awesome…eyed that mother fucker like Lebron would dunk on a dude

  9. Mal ashby Says:

    Good looks adoington lol

  10. james p Says:

    awesomeness i love ado!!!!!!!!!

  11. AngelF Says:

    lol that was beastt

  12. joeyrojas Says:

    one nation. under bah.

  13. joeyrojas Says:

    shits real!

  14. Yannes Sootes Says:

    Hahaha! that was epic. good shit Ado. Miss ya buddy. Wish someone hada camera when I skated that during cold winter days< good times..

  15. roll®BladeA Says:

    thanks folks. Yannes you always killed this shit.

  16. c2g Says:

    how awesome is that rail….. i figured i’d have to leave n keep coming back in five minutes to get a clip on that rail

  17. Deezo Says:

    niceee..good shit ado!

  18. Will J Says:

    Yeah good sh*t!

  19. v. Says:


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