EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 1

Check out the new photo series from Christen Cofer bringing you some never before seen pictures from the EvoTek crew. “Between myself and other members of the Evotek crew there are alot of never before seen behind the scenes photos that we had taken over the years. i personally have a volt of photos that have yet to see the light of day.photos i took when i went out filming or to an event like LMS.These photos may not necessarily hold much significance for the Rollerblading scene as a whole but definitely myself and perhaps the people in the photos. I wanted to share them and maybe bring back some memories for some people. I plan on releasing a handful of photos each month. Most of these photos were taken by either myself or Adonis Taylor” – Christen Cofer. Check out the photos below.

Jose Henriquez and Team Nomz. This photo was taken during some down time at the LMS 2007 compeition.

Courtney Brown and John Stephens. I took this photo during the Wheels In Motion Academy skatepark bus trip in 2008. I asked Courtney and John to pose for a few pics.

John Stephens, Hyper Mike, and myself. This pic was taken on the way to the 2009 BCSD. we stopped in a wall-mart in Pennsylvania to get some supplies for the road. I just remember being tired and hungry.

Craig B in the BCSD hotel room. I took this pic of Craig chilling, watching TV in our hotel room at BCSD, rocking what is now a vintage I Roll NY shirt and a Budweiser.

Dipskate and friends. I was watching my newly purchased copy of the ONE video with Drew Humphrey when Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, and Julian Bah came into the room after coming from a bar somewhere in the area. I snapped this photo, then we all went to the Applebees or Chilis or Fridays or whatever it was. To be honest their all really the same place. Point is we went to get some food. BCSD 09.

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  1. Navin Says:

    The grocery store photo owns.

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