ONE Blade Life: Going For Pro with Nick Uhas

“Where do we go from here? Sounds like a question you ask yourself when you break up with your girlfriend or get caught stealing from your neighborhood Wal-Mart. Well, in this case it’s not that type of question, nor is it that awkward kind of situation (no police or girls involved… okay, there was a girl involved). But it was a question that was on my mind. I’d just landed in NYC, home of many amazing legendary skaters like Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neill and Alex Nunez. However, I did not intend on moving to NYC at all when I took a job in New Haven, CT, in June. I was plucked from the skating training grounds of Los Angeles to work as a video host for a new Webseries.

The Webseries was to center around the making of a brand-new feature length film called “College Musical The Movie.” I previously knew the producer/writer/director and actors from going to school with them at Yale University. Who you know really is so important. Working as camera man, producer, and host of a Webseries is pretty much a 2x full time job, although I did get to sneak away to the New Haven skatepark every now and again. I would also like to add I was hired for the job because of a skating Webseries Brazil and I put together in Chicago. In fact, I learned entirely about production from working on productions with Brazil. That guy stays busy” – Nick Uhas. Full Stury on the ONE Magazine website.


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3 Responses to “ONE Blade Life: Going For Pro with Nick Uhas”

  1. Ray Mendez Says:

    Good to see skaters developing content outside of the traditional
    “skate edit” format. Entertaining.

    Keep it up.

  2. Jan Says:

    Dude no one cares about your personal life you were pro for rollerblade wich barley counts they make everyone a pro then drop them this add campaign is the worst thing to hit rolling since spandex YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE PRO

  3. mike horbatiuk Says:

    50 tries for backroy to soul lmfao…and its titled going for pro i assumed there would be some skating…two tricks…if he goes pro im gona off myself…this bitch owes me twenty bucks for ruinin my hi

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