ODNY Fall/Winter Lookbook 2010

Check out the ODNY online lookbook here. I finally got around to getting the look book together for the holiday line of tee’s that include: Stacking Bread, Civil Disobedience, and our Sucka Chumps design. With shots mainly taken while out filming for projects currently in the works, you can get a sense of our direction and style. Support the brand and build with us! ODNY!” – David Toro. Photos include local skaters Carlos Montenegro, Kyle Sola, and Michael Valenzuela.

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2 Responses to “ODNY Fall/Winter Lookbook 2010”

  1. Malik Glenn Says:

    happy to see this droppin
    congrats Los

  2. ODNY Lookbook | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] As seen over at IRollNY […]

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