Happy Bladesgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is all about giving thanks and I Roll NY is thankful for all of the skaters in the New York area who have been holding down our scene for the year. Check out the 1024×768 desktop above featuring local NYC skater Malik Ashby. Photo by Ryan Loewy. Retouched by Craig Benabu.

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3 Responses to “Happy Bladesgiving!”

  1. mal ashby Says:

    thanks a lot to craig for keeping irollny.com up and running and keeping it updated because with out you NYC would have to deal with rollernews bs and drama.

    also thanks to ryan loewy for that random session when the weather was great haha

    happy thanks giving to everyone in the rolling community and I wish you all a blessed one!

  2. J-Sherp Says:


  3. Happy Bladesgiving! « Says:

    […] It’s about that time again. Happy Thanksgiving! As a way of saying thanks to all the I Roll NY supports I created a downloadable desktop wallpaper featuring Erik Bailey at the Pier 62 skate park. Taken during the Valo team NYC tour earlier this year. Check out the previous Bladesgiving wallpaper here. […]

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