Back of The Line Online Video Intro

Check out the first part of the new online video, Back of The Line, covering the Buffalo and Rochester, NY scene. “When you say you skate in NY, whats the first city you think of?..Sure as hell isn’t Buffalo or Rochester. These two cities are constantly pushed to the back of the line in the NY skate scene. This online video show cases one lame year in Buffalo, NY. Feat Malik Glenn, Steve Gibson, Kyle Bartlett, Josh Marlinski, Chris Parwulski & many others. So be lame and watch this” – Kyle Bartlett.

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6 Responses to “Back of The Line Online Video Intro”

  1. mal ashby Says:

    its all for the love of rolling good shit guys!

  2. Adam Says:

    Really? This description says when people think of NY that Buffalo and Rochester get pushed to the back of the line. THere has been multiple “upstate” edits this year put out by multiple people. People from out of state travel to both Rochester and Buffalo to skate. You want to say that you are pushed to the back of the line. Anyone know anything about Syracuse? Nick DeMarchi and Dan Barnes actually came through Syracuse and even used a clip from here in their edit…no one called Syracuse skaters to come out- granted, I am sure they were in a rush and all, no resentment, but don’t say Buffalo and Rochester get pushed to the back of the line, at least you have a scene

  3. irollny Says:

    Hey Adam I’d really love to get some Syracuse content on the site. So far I think I’ve only posted one set of photos from your area. Send me an email at if you have any pics/edits/articles I can post up on here. Thanks.
    – Craig.

  4. Adam Says:

    Craig, I would like you to know that my reply to this post is not only for people outside of the Syracuse area. We have maybe a total of 5 people who skate locally. The problem is is everyone here has forgotten why they skate, moved out of state, or just stopped strapping them on. Basically, there are 2 people from CNY who still skate on a regular basis. I mean, I can try to get media to you, I’m actually working on an edit- the problem is getting everyone together. This is why our scene is wack as fuck- it would definitely help internally to get ourselves some exposure, make people come out more- I just am sick of seeing threads about upstate and no one say shit about cuse. In most part, it is our own faults. I would love to be more involved in the industry- skate more, film more- but realistically I have 2 kids and a wife. Any free time not spent working or with my family is spent skating. I, personally, have mass love for rollerblading, I am on IROLLNY daily, bookmarked on my phone even- I just wish that CNY was actually something in the “scene”
    Realistically no one can do this for us- but I do appreciate your willingness to post for us. I guess my point is…we have spots, we have skaters…if your coming from NYC to Rochester or Buffalo, you have to go through Syracuse- so give us a call- will love wheeled boots as much as the next guy, well, I do.

  5. Back of The Line Online Video featuring Buffalo and Rochester scene | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] As seen over at IRollNY […]

  6. hells yea Says:

    Hahah NY aint NYC u mite aswell be in longisland

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