The Art of Storytelling Jon Julio Article Now Online

The New York City based graffiti / action sports / street culture magazine, The Art of Storytelling, featured rollerblading legend Jon Julio in their premiere issue and the article is now online. Issue 2 will feature an interview with legend Arlo Eisenberg so stay tuned. In the meantime check out the TAOST Jon Julio article here.

“…During this time period, I was also working with a bunch of music artists like Sage Francis, Sole from Anticon, and Masta Killa from the Wu-Tang. I was making a DVD surrounding all those artists and rollerblading. I was organizing concerts/shows with these artists for skating related events. On the flip side of it all, the popularity of blading was at an all time low. Blading was dropped from the X Games and TV exposure was none existent. I was only getting older and I was at a point where I needed to pick a direction to go” – Jon Julio.

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