Tri-State Skate Skater Owned Edit

Featuring Greg Kieffer, owner of Tri-State Skate at Drop-In Skatepark. Don’t forget about the blader only session going down tomorrow at Drop-In starting at 9:00PM. More information and directions can be found here.


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4 Responses to “Tri-State Skate Skater Owned Edit”

  1. the troof Says:

    Greg loves skateboards and has an autograph of Tony Hawk hanging in the shop

  2. Tri-State Skate Says:

    Troof, I make it very clear in this edit that we only carry scooter, bike, and skateboard gear at TSS! hahahaa

    seriously, check it!

  3. nyc Says:

    if i skate, and i own my skates
    does that make them 100% skater owned?…
    so isnt everyones skates 100% skater owned?? lol

  4. Sashalyn Says:

    Yay, it’s Greg! Very nice and smooth on those rails.

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