James Perez Summer Clips

Featuring James Perez filmed in one day over the Summer. Filmed and edited by Amauris Teddy Lopez.


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8 Responses to “James Perez Summer Clips”

  1. virginia Says:

    kids smooth looks like random footage as well

  2. dave Says:

    nice edit, where are these benches at? I saw a front street road sign but not the cross st.

  3. irollny Says:

    They are located between Wall Street and Water Street

  4. joey rojas Says:

    definitely could have been cut shorter.
    great skating tho none the less

  5. Usd84 Says:

    Yo I love his skating and he is the man but PLEASE NO MORE MARBLE LEDGE EDITS THE SPOT IS WAAAAAAACK people who look at all nyc’s edits are gonna think all we skate is a marble bench and ive seen like 9 edits of James on the same benches again no hate just some new spots please

  6. Shayne Says:

    I am from Utah and I gotta say your marble ledges look amazing to me. I just watched this edit with some friends and we all agree that shit is awesome. You guys have no idea how lucky you are to have spots like that or how much we as non new yorkers enjoy seeing those kind of spots skated. I have seen a million rails and drop ledges. I want to see things that look fun to have a session on and chill with friends. So cool that that spot exists AND that it’s not a bust. In my opinion keep every and any type of edit coming. Your scene looks rad.

  7. davengo Says:

    this isn’t like a serious edit dudebro, i think he was just filming while james was just sessioning.

  8. c2g Says:

    very cool …. all that one foot action, whose got that!!

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