Malik Glenn Edit + Interview

How did u start the blade game?
Hmmm. Its kinda complicated. When I was in 4th grade my soccer teammate had a birthday party at skatepark called Pipe Dreams. I didn’t really know what I was getting into so I showed up with some rinky dink blades and a bike helmet & attempted to roll around.haha One of his friends told me I should try on his ST-90’s cause they had better ankle support, wheels, bearings, and had soul plates. When I put them on they felt natural and I was dropping in on every ramp except the 8footer my first day at a park. I made my mom buy me those skates 2 weeks later and did it for the summer but then the park closed down and that was it. It wasn’t until I graduated HS and stopped playing basketball in ‘07 I had to start all over again. I could do a soul grind and frontside. That was about it.haha

Heard that you are heading to New York City, what are you plans there?
Yeah my family all lives in the city pretty much so im visiting them. I was also trying to hit up the LES Box Jam at 12th St & Ave D but it rained all damn day so I didn’t get to skate that until a couple days later. Sean Agoliati messaged me to check out a few good spots and connected me with Ryan Many who gave me a place to stay. Good looks Sean & Ryan & Cesar! We hit up some street spots and I got a few clips for the NOVA video before dislocating my shoulder on friday. I checked out the Maloof skate comp on Saturday and saw some crazy stuff go down. NYC street skating is serious. It’s the perfect atmosphere for street skating! See the full interview here.


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