Battle at Pier 62 Sunday October 24th

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Date: October 24th, 2010
Time: 12:00PM Registration starts.
         1:30PM Registration ends.
         2:00PM Competition starts.
Fee: $10 to enter.
Format: Series of 1 on 1 battles.
            5 tricks per battle on any obstacle chosen in the park.
            Winners of each battle face each other until there is one
            winner left at the end of the day.
Prizes: First/Second/Third split the total amount of the
           entrance money.
           Fourth and fifth get their $10 back.
Location: Pier 62 Skatepark (22nd street and 12th ave.)
Train Directions: C or E train to 23rd street/8th ave.

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3 Responses to “Battle at Pier 62 Sunday October 24th”

  1. val vera Says:

    I already won so no one should enter d.a

    yall don’t wanna waste your guap

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you encourage nobody to enter with the presumption that you’ve already won. Then you’ll only be taking home the money you put in 😛

    You should be encouraging everybody to come out so you can get their guap.

    /real logical talk

  3. TACO Says:

    LOL AHAHAHAHAH~~~~!!!!

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