Nick DeMarchi ONE Photo Journal #3

“This bank to ledge is under a bridge overpass, and on a windy day skating to the ledge is like skating through a wind tunnel head on. So the plan was to get there on a day where the wind coming right off the lake about 200 yards away was minimal. Turns out the day Dan called me to go there and shoot the wind was not an issue, but traffic was. After waiting and waiting and a few attempts we got the shot. The light was pretty harsh, and the angle of the sun put the ledge in shade but left all the grass in direct sun, so I had to get a lot of juice out of the flashes to match exposures. With two flashes about three feet apart that covered lighting Dan and the ledge, and a third under the bridge featherd slightly so the bridge didn’t fall into darkness, you see the shot we ended up with” – Nick DeMarchi.


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