Lower East Skate 2 Edits

Check out the two edits featuring Lower East Side skaters all over New York City. Featuring skating from John Estrella, Suki Davila, Moises Rivera, Jordan Baez, Chris Dejesus, Ruben, Elliot, and Eddie. Edited by Jason Rivera.

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3 Responses to “Lower East Skate 2 Edits”

  1. jordanb. Says:

    this was filmed before the summer

  2. usd84 Says:

    these niggas ead ass didnt finish a single ledge wheres more chris dejeesussss son and jordan b

  3. malik ashby Says:

    this ws soo fucking iLL hahah good shit LES rollas and jordan hahaha pt 2 is od funny hahaha ruben!

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