Psyko & Remz Big Rotten Apple Tour Pics + Edit

“Straight from my weekend in Seattle I got on a plane headed for New york and the worlds best street battle: The “Last Man Standing”. My plan was simple, I would hook up with the Psyko Clothing guys for daily sessions and some online updates while Mason Richards and myself would shred and shoot with the Remz flow guys in NY to get some clips for this Remz edit. Although not officially flow Jesus Medina is a street ninja and reps Remz hard, Dave Lang is an all around professional who’s got the energy and stamina of a sixteen year old, and Sean Agoliati was ripping till he broke his elbow. In addition to meeting these gnarly dudes New york is a nonstop fun-house town where there is always something to do and see, something to skate, and somewhere to party. I thank all the Remz guys who worked three days straight for this edit, Josh from Psyko, and Victor for a true street battle. I will most certainly be going back next year” – Nick Wood. See the Psyko and Remz photos from their Big Rotten Apple tour below.

Dave Lang – Fishbrain

Nick, Dave and Sean checking out their footage

Jesus Medina – BS savannah

Mason Richards – Zero crossgrab fishbrain

Nick Wood – Royale cess slide

Franco Cammayo – 360 over the hump

Jesus Medina – Topside negative mistrial

Nick Wood – Royale cess slide down the bottle

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5 Responses to “Psyko & Remz Big Rotten Apple Tour Pics + Edit”

  1. GG Says:

    Where was the second to last spot with the curved ledge?

  2. jamesp. Says:

    yo keep doing yah thing haha shyt was dope!

  3. markassbuster Says:


  4. malik ashby Says:

    soo iLL

  5. Psyko & Remz Big Rotten Apple Tour Pics + Edit | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] Check out the full story at IROLLNY […]

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