Franco Cammayo Edit + Interview

Sophie Planque: Can you make a short summary of your “rollerblade story” for everybody ?
I’ve been blading hard for over 17 years… through the blood, sweat and tears, I’ve loved every intense moment of it. I am just now, really getting started as far as “pursuing my professional career” since I have an awesome, fairly secure & lenient job and the wonders of the internet allowing me to study my Masters degree online wherever I go…Style is incredibly important to me at this phase of skating I am in… quality over quantity is a good way to look at it…

In few sentences, what is your vision of rollerblade?
Blading is the most badass thing out there to me. A fusion of family and friends, a worldwide social network in its own. A passionate challenge in life that can leave anyone fulfilled and proud of themselves and friends alike..It can be the biggest thing since Rice&SoySauce.. once all of the puzzle pieces come together and the public slowly re-opens their eyes to the evolution of Blading… See the full interview here.

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One Response to “Franco Cammayo Edit + Interview”

  1. jesus medina Says:

    good shit Franco! congrats amigo

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