Last Man Standing Behind the Scenes Photos

Rah the MC controlling the crowd

This year’s fifth annual Last Man Standing has had an overwhelming amount of media coverage on all of the big tricks that went down during the contest. Photographer Christen Cofer captured all of the behind the scenes action that was going on in the crowd and with the competing skaters. Check out all the photos below.

Mark Wojda – Topsoul

Julian Bah asking the crowd if they want to see more

Julian Bah – AO topsoul attempt

Brain Aragon – Fishbrain

Mark Wojda – Fakie inspin topsoul

Franco Cammayo – Recovering from a fall

Roman Abrate – Royale to mute

Jose Henriquez – Coming off his trick at the second spot

Ramelle Knight- Rocket 360 over the rail

Franco Cammayo and Will Sorto

Ryan Jacklone and Rah

Bird’s eye view

Ariel Surun, John Stephens, and Rachard Johnson

The crowd

Robert Guerrero – Front farf

Victor Callender on the mic

Jason Staine

Tom Hyser and Ariel Surun

Lord Brian and co.

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2 Responses to “Last Man Standing Behind the Scenes Photos”

  1. David Toro Says:

    Chris had it on lock from deeeeep! Great job kixx.

  2. Malik Glenn Says:

    this comp looks like it was so fucking EPIC
    if u dont know what NYC skating is it is.these guys got heart

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