Friday the 13th Lower East Side Session

This August, the 13th fell on a Friday. Not letting any urban legends or superstitions scare us away a few local bladers went out to skate the city. We traveled from the Lower East Side all the way to 42nd street where the night got crazy to say the least. Here is the footage from the Lower East Side featuring Chris Santiago, Jose Henriquez, Malik Ashby, and Billy Gonzalez.

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10 Responses to “Friday the 13th Lower East Side Session”

  1. CMiller Says:

    coo short lil edit. chris killed it & mal had nice linez.

  2. mal Says:

    thanks Cmiller and this deadass was the best d skate session in a while I completely forgot it was friday the 13th that day no wonder everyone was bugged out when we got to 42nd that night haha

    thanks craig and ado for setting up this session!

  3. J.Perez iMagyneThat.Com Says:

    Def pretty good

  4. Joey S Says:

    My man chris killllleed that box

  5. Mike chen Says:

    That was a dope ass edit everyone killed it!!!

  6. Henry O Says:

    where can i get in touch with some manhattan skaters? i just moved to an apartment on the east end of 116th and looking for people to skate with.

  7. mal Says:

    face book
    (mal ashby)

  8. uptown JAKES Says:

    Chris for president 2013!

  9. Justin Says:

    Is there gonna be a repeat today?

  10. I Roll NY Says:

    I wish, but the box is said to be broken.

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