I Roll NY Clip of the Week #36

This week’s C.O.W. features Austin Croteau skating the newly created DUMBO rails in Brooklyn, NY. Filmed in one night and edited by Joey Rojas. Check out Clip of the Week #36 up top.

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13 Responses to “I Roll NY Clip of the Week #36”

  1. loso Says:

    werd! austin switch top soul to 270 front royal revert ao topsoul dats how u feel!! lol….killed it bro!

  2. Vic Vizcaino Says:

    The man.

  3. Sean G. Says:


  4. tytty Says:


  5. maximosis Says:

    Good shit Austin! that Negative Mizoe to top soul.. Swoosh!

  6. austin croteau Says:


  7. austin croteau Says:


  8. c2g Says:

    new spot by atlantic ave entrance for highway

  9. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    I’m soo going there tomorrow if the rain lets up by then. If ne1 wants to join then cool..If not then at least I still have my iPod

  10. joey rojas Says:

    ^^^ if you are going, do NOT go before 8 pm.
    you will be kicked right out and will jeopardize the future of this spot!
    plus the spot is well lit up and you can see everything at night

  11. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    Yo Joey, thank you my ninja! Thats perfect cuz I dont skate in the summer til after 6pm newayz. Looks like more rain toay. If not imma be over there. But if not tonite then definitely tomorrow night for sure

  12. mal Says:

    yo jlyn I’m down bro hollerrrrr I knew a few more spots in that area we could skate in the daylight til then

  13. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    Yo Mal imma hit up BK tomorrow. imma FB u my # so u can call/txt me and let me kno what u wanna do…Korean Rail is close by too

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