Lets Roll NY Session 13 Photos

Robert Guerrero – Top acid. Photo: Hillel Dov

Lets Roll NY Session 13 took place last Wednesday at the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. There was an unexpected special guest at the session, Rob G, who pulled off some stylish tricks in his new prototype Rollerblades. Photographer Hillel Dov was at the LRNY session to capture all the big tricks that went down. Thanks to Hillel for photographing the past few sessions. You can check out more of Hillel’s photos on his Flickr page. See all the photos from LRNY #13 below.

Alex Nunez – AO Topsoul

Tim Franken – 270 back farf to soul to fakie sequence

Angelo Ferrer – Top acid

Rob Guerrero – Negative makio

Trevor Johnson – Backslide

Tim Franken – Savannah

Rob Guerrero – AO soyale to top torque soul sequence

Bruno Delrio – Fishbrain

Tim Franken – Zero spin front torque

Rob Guerrero – Top acid

Tim Franken – Gap to farf sequence

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6 Responses to “Lets Roll NY Session 13 Photos”

  1. Mike chen Says:

    Rob G been in the game for so long….first time I saw him in a video was vg4…still going strong

  2. loso Says:

    damn the colors in those pictures are tough!

  3. davengo Says:

    holy unsharpen mask batman!

  4. Lets Roll NY Session 13 Photos featuring Robert Guerrero | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] Check out these new great shots from the last Let’s Roll NY session featuring special guest Rob G. See the full story with all the shots over at IRollNY. […]

  5. Hillel Dov Says:

    @davengo Haha, I hear ya. But do you really think I pushed it too far? The backslide is the only one that I think gets chunky beyond being stylistic.

  6. Jeff mateo Says:

    bruno’s fish brain looks amazing. fuck mad props to everyone here. shit looks epic

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