Adam Caroselli One Spot Edit

Check the edit of Adam Caroselli who’s been skating for 15 years. Adam started skated when he was 11 years-old, now he’s 26 in 2010 and still skating just as strong. Filmed and edited by Richard Corley at the marble ledges on Wall Street in Manhattan, NY.


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2 Responses to “Adam Caroselli One Spot Edit”

  1. Feez Says:

    Totally chill dude, skated with him at Neg Truth birthday box jam. We were the 2 oldest guys there and were the only ones skating at the end of the day while everyone just watched. Funny thing is I just skated Marble ledges this past weekend (first time ever in NYC to skate).

  2. Jungle Boy Says:

    Adroccc you self loathing mothaguy lol

    “I’m not feelin it though…”
    after the beast line lol

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