Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #5

“Greg Sturino and I met up with good friend and west coast photographer Jeremy Condamine in the Bronx, then headed out to some spots. We decided to warm-up on this kinked handicapped rail, which is a famous NYC spot located near Fordham University. The rail has been featured in several NYC videos such as “1131,” “Nature ONE,” and “Urban Royalty.” This place is a great warm-up spot, not only because of the perfectly mellow, kinked handi, but also the waxed up c-ledge at the bottom. Most choose to skate this rail from top to bottom, but Greg laced this trick going the other direction. As the rail launched him out onto a large sidewalk, Greg laced this bomb 360. I was able to time the shot perfectly to show the huge air he caught. Shot with one strobe up and left beyond the gate” – Sam DeAngelis.


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One Response to “Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #5”

  1. greg sturino Says:

    i love living in ny the best skating in the east

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