Austin Paz Eulogy Wheels 2010 Edit

New York’s own renaissance man, (videographer, photographer, editor, sponsored skater) Austin Paz, creates a new edit for the new Eulogy 2010 wheels. The edit features Austin shredding the Bayonne, NJ skatepark.

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9 Responses to “Austin Paz Eulogy Wheels 2010 Edit”

  1. controlledaccidents Says:

    Alyoop Mak to 3 out was incredible.

  2. larsen cuevas Says:

    were is dat sk8 park
    at?? anf niceee editt

  3. J.Perez iMagyneThat.Com Says:

    Bayonne NJ lol

  4. irollny Says:

    Haha no one reads what I write. I should just quit with the descriptions lol.

  5. james p. Says:

    this was dopee!!!!! hot fiyah like dylon!!!

  6. james p. Says:

    p.s tru top porn so ezzzzzzz zzzzaannngggg daddy

  7. c2g Says:

    u c the fake 180 negative gap then oversoul 360 over garbage can but the ally over soul to soul to 5 was a little sloppy for mr paz just kidding i couldn’t do that in my dreams

  8. Cabesa Says:

    Dope edit!!!

  9. allen wrench Says:

    so many tricks ive never seen done before, before 1994 that is

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