Revoked New York Movie

Here’s a post that I’m sure some might find controversial but try to keep an open mind. Revoked is a track bike video featuring a section in New York showcasing skating from Jeph Howard, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, Chris Farmer and Franco Cammayo while the Too Much Love crew was here on tour. As well as Revoked featuring some well known bladers, Two (or more) of the bikers in here, also rollerblade. Hope you can enjoy a different sport showing some love to ours. Blading starts around the ten minute mark. “We went to New York for 2 weeks during the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival. Fonseca was filming for Revoked 2 but more partying went on then riding, so he decided to use the footage for and online edit” – Chris Fonseca.

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6 Responses to “Revoked New York Movie”

  1. maximosis Says:


  2. jav Says:

    “we rollerblade too and proud of it!” hell yea!! weird group of guys but that was cool as shit!!

  3. josh diaz Says:

    the grime is
    part of psyko clothing
    most the guys the ride fix are in the grime company

  4. GG Says:

    This shows me that our sport is being accepted by niche markets. The fastest way for rollerblading to reach the tipping point of mainstream acceptance is to integrate itself into counter cultures on a much broader level.

    User edits on blogs have the potential to reach a very large audience. By diversifying the content the videos take on an even broader appeal.

    Rollerblading will never reach the mainstream commercial success of the 90’s but it can achieve critical mass with the help of niche market awareness and videos like this.

    This will all lead to increased participation, better events, more parks, etc…

  5. austin croteau Says:

    ^^^ too many big words, dumb it down for us stupid niggas.

  6. RAY Says:

    hey im a skater and i enjoyed da clip…i didnt know about this kind of biking.. i thouth bmx type bikes.. but these are awesome…….a plus, btw them guys is crazy funny

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