ONE Blade Life: 100° Maloof Skatepark Session

Photo: Cesar Macay

“Want to share the story of your scene and what you’re doing on blades this summer? Then take a note on initiative from Cesar Macay who dropped this gem in our inbox. Check out what he captured one day when a bunch of NYC legends got together on a 100-degree day at the recently unveiled Flushing Meadows skate plaza. Disla. Nunez. Dedentro. Do it” – ONE.

Alex Nunez, Joe Dedentro, and Jose Disla. Photo: Cesar Macay.

“Temperatures reaching upwards of 100 degrees, and heat warnings all over the radios and news don’t stop rollerbladers from getting together with the locals from Queens and with others from outside the borough. I showed up with a few people and my camera not knowing what to expect. As I got to the park there was a good amount of rollerbladers at the park, some of the skaters amongst the crown were Jose Disla, Joe Dedentro, Alex Nunez, Sam Williams and many other bladers” – Cesar Macay. See all the photos and the rest of the article on the ONE Magazine website.

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