I Roll NY Clip of the Week #32

Clip of the Week #32 is brought to you by Tri-State Skate. Shot on location in Rochester, NY during the TSS weekend tour last week. “This weeks C.O.W is a few clips filmed by shop rider Sean Agoliati on a weekend tour we took up to Rochester, NY with the shop team, along with Jay Staine filming and Sam DeAngelis taking photos. Stay tuned to Be-Mag for the article, photos, and a 4 part edit. Don’t forget to check out the realest shop in New York” – Tri-State Skate.


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4 Responses to “I Roll NY Clip of the Week #32”

  1. loso Says:

    O man cant wait to see the rest of the tour! i like this keep killin ya!

  2. trevor Says:

    knew bobby would drop it for longisland yesss

  3. mal Says:

    haha I could imagine trevor saying exactly what he wrote lmao
    bobby is my duuuuuude!

  4. Tri-State Skate Says:

    part 1 of the edit should be on be-mag anyday

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