Flatlines Skate Shop Profile

Check out the short video catching up with Flatlines skate shop in the Bronx, NY. You can see all the new products they carry including some exclusive blading action figures. “A short profile on the one and only skate shop in the Bronx, “Flatlines”. We were able to catch up with Jason Swayby, a local skater from the Bronx, who manages the shop. Thank you for watching” – Flip The Script.

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5 Responses to “Flatlines Skate Shop Profile”

  1. Tri-State Skate Says:

    well the fitted selection is good

  2. William J Says:

    Sway you suck! Just kidding lol. Good ish on the shop profile homie!

  3. anonymous Says:

    what happened to rob?

  4. Ms.Smith Says:

    It is an amazing video ! It is good to see that skating in The Bronx is alive and well !

    The world is ready to see inner city young people do their thing.

  5. Ms.Smith Says:

    You Guys rock!

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