Too Much Love Session Photos 2

Jon Ortiz – BS royale. Photo: Hillel Dov.

Last week Friday, the Too Much Love crew came to NYC while filming for their video to session the new Pier 62 Skatepark in Manhattan, NY. Photographer Hillel Dlugacz caught photos of all the big tricks that went down from the TML crew and some of our NYC locals featuring Jeph Howard, Billy O’Neill, Dave Lang, Jon Ortiz, and Chris Farmer. All photos by Hillel Dov.

Jeph Howard – Sweatstance

Jeph Howard – Gap to BS royale

Billy O’Neill – Frontside

Billy O’Neill – Stale zero spin

Billy O’Neill – Mute fakie 540

Billy O’Neill – Disaster fishbrain

Billy O’Neill – TTS

Dave Lang – Huge air

Chris Farmer – Soul to disaster soul sequence

Chris Farmer – Disaster Soul

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2 Responses to “Too Much Love Session Photos 2”

  1. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    so sweet… great pics!

  2. Junyur NyC Says:

    Nice pants Farmer.

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