Franco Goes to The MTL Classic 2010 via ONE

“I went on a gut feeling that this year the Montreal Classic would fucking rock. The last two years were epic and I wouldn’t expect any less in 2010. The Classic brings good vibes, good times, and amazing people, all mashed up into one venue. To me, the contest has always been the type of event where once-acquaintances become long-term, close friends. After things came together with a last minute decision, we made the road trip from NYC to Montreal, Canada, safe and sound. We checked into a sweet hotel in the heart of the city and got some rest.

At sundown, we then cruised over to Southparc Skate Park to be greeted with a free session and BBQ hosted by Danny Laroche, and Guillaume Roy of Lylac Skate Shop. Fast-forward to the free session. I immediately noticed raw talent, new faces, and even some old friends as well. It seemed as though the competition hype was focused into a chill vibe. Everyone was skating on such a tight level, and not necessarily to compete with each other. It felt like a session with close friends. This kicked the trip off with some positive energy and set a mood for the entire weekend. Here’s what the contest itself looked like, through the lens of Sam DeAngelis” – Franco Cammayo. See more photos at the ONE Magazine website.


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3 Responses to “Franco Goes to The MTL Classic 2010 via ONE”

  1. Jeff mateo Says:

    Franco is the man. Yah Dig Yeah!

  2. james p Says:

    good shyt franco!

  3. petrii Says:

    Franco, you gotta be the coolest dude I’ve ever met! Next year we gotta blaze 1, you came out right after I was finished the blunt yo!!

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