Too Much Love Session Photos

Chris Farmer – Soul to soul transfer. Photo: Htat Lin Htut.

Friday afternoon the Too Much Love crew came down to session the new Pier 62 Skatepark in Manhattan, NY. A lot of tricks went down and everybody in NYC were going big and watching the stunts that Chris Farmer, Jeph Howard, and Michael Garlinghouse were lacing. Htat Lin Htut caught a couple of photos from the session. See all of them below and stay tuned for more photos.

Jeph Howard – Back royale.

Michael Garlinghouse – Stale 180.

Jeph Howard.

Chris Farmer and NYC locals.

A look at some of the skaters in attendance.

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7 Responses to “Too Much Love Session Photos”

  1. james p Says:

    farmer :} i missed it :[ lol

  2. Aggressive Skaters At their best! Says:

    […] Too Much Love Session Photos « I Roll NY […]

  3. Mike Chen Says:

    Anyone that wears a fucking beanie in the summer is a douchebag

  4. ruben Says:

    hahahahah@ mike

  5. greg sturino Says:

    hahaha yea true its fucking hot

  6. roll®BladeA Says:

    a douche? or a pimple face, pimple head, gross dude, lol

  7. davengo Says:

    Oh shit cool photos.

    I wish there was a huge watermark on the images so I can tell who shot them because sometimes I just wanna see something like huge blocks of text that completely detracts from the image. Hope he can one day achieve such a result.

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