New Skatepark Being Built in Brooklyn, NY

The Thomas Greene park on 3rd avenue in Brooklyn, NY is now home to a select amount of skate obstacles that will eventually be converted to a full fledged skatepark according to The Brooklyn Paper website. The Brooklyn Paper states, “…A spokesman for the Parks Department said that the design for the full renovations [of the park] will be completed in July, 2010, and construction will begin in Spring, 2011…Fortunately, a more comprehensive skate park will likely be built when the park gets its full facelift.” So expect to see another skatepark next year but in the meantime you can see more photos of the available obstacles on the Friends of Douglass Greene Park facebook page.

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One Response to “New Skatepark Being Built in Brooklyn, NY”

  1. ngeloa errerf Says:

    The day they opened up pier 62 i was here with my friend and i felt disapointed not to be at 62 but withen a half hour me n my friend was having a blast at this spot because its got alot of great aspects all built into this single box, From what i heard this will be the skatepark that HOMAGE puts together, last month they had a fund raiser and that whole park was crowded, the floor is so rough at the moment and the park is filled with krack heads but other then that it has tons of potential

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