Lets Roll NY Session 10 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 2:00PM the tenth Lets Roll New York session of the summer will take place at the new flushing meadows skate plaza in Queens, NY. The park is said to get crowded quickly so get there early! All the info is on the flyer above. Take the 7 train to 111th street in Queens, NY. Walking directions from the train station to flushing meadows park here.

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2 Responses to “Lets Roll NY Session 10 Tomorrow!”

  1. J.Perez iMagyneThat.Com Says:

    Those That are ready for this I just wanted to let it be known we are trying to make the first official edit so if you are trying to get a clip come on down and throwdown. See you guys there tomorrow and have fun

  2. AOR Says:

    Indeed what joe said people come repersent and lets show them what can really be done at this park

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