I Roll NY Clip of the Week #27

The weather is sucking, it looks like it’s going to rain or it’s raining already but don’t fear! Clip of the Week Wednesday is here! This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by Jeffrey Mateo. Jeff is usually known for making edits but this time steps away from behind the camera and gets in front of it to lace some tricks at the River Ave skatepark in the Bronx, NY and at a few other spots. Check it out up top.

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6 Responses to “I Roll NY Clip of the Week #27”

  1. loso Says:


  2. malik ashby Says:

    straight kill’n it.

  3. Deezo Says:

    good shyt

  4. Tri-State Skate Says:

    good shit!

  5. bigdaddyjohnjohn Says:

    my nigga!..good shyt bro

  6. jesus medina Says:

    lookin good!

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