A Glimpse into the NYC Skate Scene

The Art of Rolling put together this small feature on the NYC blading scene with some words from John Ortiz featuring skating Hector Rodriguez, James Perez, Greg Sturino, Ramelle Knight, Ruben Perez, Dave Lang, Jose Henriquez, Danny Villanueva, Angelo Ferrer & Davvny Irizarry.

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20 Responses to “A Glimpse into the NYC Skate Scene”

  1. juan Says:


  2. malik ashby Says:

    I’m sorry angelo but this was not a glimpse into the nyc skate scene
    you should’ve shown the different rollers in every boro hitting their fav spots or some shit this just looks like a montage of your favorite rollers in nyc hitting shit you wanted them to hit.

    no hate
    I’m just saying I know you could’ve done a better job.

    this edit was on rollernews and you
    got kids hitting me up from different states asking me is the NYC scene really this boring and I’m like uhhhh idk is it really…?

    once again no hate all love and advice because I’m from nyc I’d rather see something great if its supposed to be something representing nyc as a whole. I’m just saying no offense to your lil projects you have going or w.e but yea man I just had to give my opinion if you’re saying this video is a glimpse into the nyc skate scene.
    Next time you make something like this you should just say art of rolling’s favorite skaters montage or some shit idk. all love and respect home skillet.

  3. steve Says:

    Same song from Riot trailer?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I’m with Malik on this, weak sauce. Hopefully you’ll makes something better for your glimpse into NYC skate scene.

  5. Christian Says:

    Agree w. malik, didnt say nothing at first bc then people gonna think im hating and shit but its kinda offensive that theres a WHOLE bunch of nyc skaters including me and theres only like 3-4 skaters in this video. so yeaa, no hate but now Angelo, hopfully youll nkow better next time.

  6. Jeff mateo Says:

    malik is absolutely right. this is making us look like lames check what rollernews people are saying

  7. malik ashby Says:

    negative lil man you dead tight. I wasn’t tryna violate or come at your neck my son that’s first off.
    I honestly have nothing to be jealous of seriously I could give two shit about you or your company I try to support nyc with love if you can’t take what people say…don’t fucking bitch and moan about it you like 35 arguing with kids rightnow playboy skating must not have been nice to you because your stooping down to the level of disrespect all from niggas tryna say your edit doesn’t show how nyc gets down?
    cmon son cut the bull and just do something better no need to violate on what I do with my friends because that shows you been watching our mixtapes hard and you jealous nigggggggaaa

    all love no hate MY SON. so don’t ever try to disrespect me again in your life word.

  8. james p. Says:

    eveyone just chill out man . lets just all skate !

  9. Jeff Mateo Says:

    yo bro seriously im no trying to be disrespectful, but your videos don’t really exemplify nyc. you are making us look bad the tricks were good but you are down grading us. seriously having a litte kid talk shit about shredding that’s fucking lame and cliché, and then, the kid takes it back rollerblading is a thing in the moment not something that you plan thats the meaning of a candid shot yah dig. intentional candid shots are beyond my mind. be frezzy bro. seriously.

  10. austin croteau Says:

    LOLZ!!!!! this video was not as delicious as nyc should be.

  11. CHEzrOLLz Says:

    I jus wanna know why this dude Malik or Mashick….whatever his name is tryna hate on a dude who is giving much exposure to NYC skating….then got the nerve to call him out. Where they do that at??????? Obviously he wasn’t in it for a reason….funny how after he goes in he pussy out like “yeah all love n respect” ….HAHAHA…wat a bitchass move (it kills me!) aINT NO gettting along when dude starts getting personal on a public forum….sheeeeeettttttt. If he dont give 2 shits about this site then “SAYONARA” “PEACE” “B GONE” “KICK ROCKS” “DO U”…….Jealousy is a disease…get cured Mashick!!!

  12. malik ashby Says:

    no on pussy round here
    no one hating.
    get ya shit straight my son. read everything over. lol

  13. austin croteau Says:

    nigga chez is a clown. just let people hate.

  14. CHEzrOLLz Says:

    MY son???…ni99a ima son u and put it on the net….u is pussy….say i wont…ill do 5 more years no problem lil boy….

  15. malik ashby Says:

    yea im def not pussy and damn you still on this?
    me and angelo settled already haha

  16. CHEzrOLLz Says:

    ima show nyc u is pussy…calling me son…yes im still on it…ima show u how to respect….. im a clown???

  17. E. Rodriguez Says:


    why are people hating on anything that has to do with rollerblading?
    that isn’t going to help our sport, like my big homie Dominic Sagona taught me
    “if you dont like something, just move on and keep your comments to yourself”
    I like this dude CHEzrOLLz, Respect goes a long way..

    I Love NYC and wish I could extend my stay..

  18. ruben Says:

    thats what im talking bout….show love…….

  19. Jeff mateo Says:

  20. Juice Says:

    um i think i missed something here

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