Flushing Meadows Skate Plaza Update

Looks like the Flushing Meadows skate plaza is almost completed. As previously stated the park features obstacles recreating well known street spots around NYC. After this weekend the plaza is said to be open to all sports. New York 1 did a short piece on the plaza earlier today making the claim that, “There are 13 skate parks in the city for the estimated one-million skaters. Two other parks are under construction.” So looks like we should be expecting two more skate parks/plazas done in the near future. See the NY1 story here.

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13 Responses to “Flushing Meadows Skate Plaza Update”

  1. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    That rail is just 2 sexy. They should leave the bleachers there. That leaves the possibility open for a comp to go down. Now all we need is an indoor park for the winter.

  2. lordbrian Says:

    I am so glad that I made the decision to come back East. Look at the Heaven that is being built!

  3. jesus medina Says:


  4. Yannes Sootes Says:

    I am SO there, that is just a sexy.

  5. irollny Says:

    Wow I Roll NY you really do a great job finding out about these things and getting photos to show everyone!

  6. irollny Says:

    Thanks dude!

  7. jesus medina Says:

    thank you irollny

  8. jesus medina Says:

    Irollny has kept me posted on many of the best NYC skating events.


    I’m going to Flushing Meadow Plaza next Sunday.

  10. jav Says:

    i dont skate much anymore but i love this site!!! making me wanna throw on my old 5th elements and hit up flushing meadows, i live in flushing… any old shcoolers wanna get back in hit me up! lol

  11. loso Says:

    na u do do a good job for the info thanx iroll keep it comin

  12. Krans Says:

    Yup, that just made me scorch my shorts.

    Can’t wait to see some edits showing IRollNY bladers shredding the fuck out of that.

  13. the man Says:

    whats with that curb in the way of that handicap?

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