Benches Are Fun

Check out some young NYC bladers skating their local park. Remember skating benches? Those were the good ol days. Give some props to the new generation getting it in and progressing with their crew. The edit features Charles Lewis, Justin Barbot, Angelo Nieves and Alexander Macias.

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9 Responses to “Benches Are Fun”

  1. lordbrian Says:

    I came up on benches back in 96! And damn right I’ll join in a bench session. Remember, as long as it’s skateable it’s Rollerblading.

  2. Alexander Macias Says:

    first off, i will let it be known, i never gave permission for my name to be posted on this motherfuckin site. second, the niggas who made this edit are fucking homos for the simple fact they put me as :”idk”… if they really aint know me, why the fuck am i in they edit? and third, if charles lewis wants to put motherfuckers in his “little” fucking edit, he better let them know that he’s gonna down play the tricks they do on film to make himself look better, especially knowing that he aint even close to an “Average” skater. i now remember why i deleted him off my fucking facebook… skate hard or die trying!!!! as a matter of fact, victor calender… if you’re reading this shit, put this on the page so everyone can see. one thing skating aint about is fake ass gromits acting like they bigger then they size… i’ve been skating for too many years to have a little fuck disrespect what a practice bench was meant for. you don’t make edits on just benches. regardless if it’s a back in the day thought, or cuz you wanna be cute… keep wearing skinny jeans, please. that way i know your nuts will be too choked for you to have any seeds coming out of you, EVER!!!

  3. jesus medina Says:

    okay! get it.

  4. Jeff mateo Says:

    this is sick benches are dangerous major splinters

  5. William Jorge Says:

    Oh man, someone is angryy….

  6. malik ashby Says:

    damn nigga went in on these lil guys :/

  7. charles lewis Says:

    wdf yuh odeein for no reason the reason it said idk is because muh bro edit it and he doesnt know yuh buhh for yuh to tlk sheet over iroll is crazy and yuh always respect me when yuh see me buhh yuh wanna disrespect me buhh its w.e buhh to bad yuh wanna be a xsjado boy jus so yuh can skate widd miguel and timmy buhh no hard feelings on muh part holla at me juh heard

  8. bigdaddyjohn Says:

    lml dayum dat nigga tight lml

  9. Chris P Says:

    dammm charles homie came at ya neck lmfaoo he took it way too serious lmfaoo he madd cause his name wasnt in the edit wow. sad. NIggas need to stop fighting like girls and grow up smh lmaoo

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