Lets Roll NY Session 7 Edit

Steve Iacono posted up this short edit from Saturday’s Lets Roll NY session featuring Andrew Nemiroski, Dave Lang, Billy O’Neill, and Montre Livingston. “The new Pier 62/Hudson River skatepark in New York seems to be an attraction pole for Rollerbladers. Here we go with a one minute power edit featuring the talents of Andrew Nemiroski, Montre Livingston, Dave Lang and Billy O’Neill at New York’s newest skate-playground.” – Be-Mag.

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4 Responses to “Lets Roll NY Session 7 Edit”

  1. jordanb Says:

    yo that guy on the ferry killed it is he sponsered?

  2. james p. Says:

    shyt was funny with the guy knocking out . dope edit tho

  3. zaylee Says:

    im from s.korea and now on vacation in NYC…
    i got here last friday and now stay in staten island…
    im looking for bladeshops and rollerbuddies in manhattan..
    i’ll be here til next friday, 11th june, and go back to vancity..
    plz, comment here, facebook or msn…
    facebook : isk8ers@nate.com
    msn : isk8ers@hotmail.com

    im down with rolling, drinking and blahblahblah…

  4. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    hahah i loved this… alf rules!

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