John Estrella Short Edit

Check the edit of NYC skater John Estrella from the Lower East Side skating some local Manhattan spots. The edit includes footage from the Fall and Spring. Expect to see more from John soon. Filmed by Jordan Baez and edited by Teddy Lopez.


6 Responses to “John Estrella Short Edit”

  1. Tri-State Skate Says:

    interesting…good shit

  2. BOVIS Says:


  3. jordanb Says:

    yea look for a new shop rider 😉

  4. Sean G. Says:

    dudes got some cool spins out of full torques. keep skatin your style can be enjoyable

  5. bigdaddyjohnjohn Says:

    THNKS SEANN i will bro …..

  6. jordanb Says:

    and teddy put some gay ass songs just to let you know we did not suggest the choice of music lol!

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