Pier 62 Edit and Announcement via AOR

The Art of Rolling posted an edit from the new Hudson River/Pier 62 skatepark with an official word from the owner of the new skatepark. If you want to keep the park open from 9:00AM till dusk without any supervision then basically, wear your helmet!

“It’s incredibly important that we educate the skate community in that the helmet rule at the new Pier 62 Skatepark is mandatory and necessary. As we discussed, we really want the current set-up of the skatepark to work as an unsupervised park so that it can remain open for greater hours of the day — and months of the year. Ensuring that all participants follow the Park Rules is essential to making that happen. I fear that if the rules are not followed and we start to see more incidents, accidents or people not following the rules — mainly the “Helmets Are Required at All Times” rule — the staff here may want to revert back to a supervised facility, which will then, in turn, restrict the hours in which it is open” – Pier 62.

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