ONE Magazine Look Back: Ryan Jacklone is the Riggler

“Ryan Jacklone’s skating was always fluid; nothing about it seemed forced. Watching his skating, you can see that his style evolved from spending long days on blades cruising through traffic, dodging taxi cabs, and weaving in and out of pedestrians on the busy sidewalks of NYC, improvising along the way. We remember the huge airs, corkscrew spins, misty flips (which he is credited with inventing or being the first to bring from a snowboard to blades), and his swagger. When people say “rollerblading needs more personality” they might as well say “rollerblading needs Ryan Jacklone.” – Ben Rogers.

See the full article with more photos and videos of NYC’s most influential rollerblader on the ONE Magazine website.


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3 Responses to “ONE Magazine Look Back: Ryan Jacklone is the Riggler”

  1. julian. Says:

    mind blowing

  2. timR Says:

    Back in the day when I was young, Im not a kid anymore. Man, sometimes I wish I was a kid again.- Ahmad

    Thanks for that post, brings back the memories

  3. jesus medina Says:

    that was dope! i like it a lot.

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